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It is our school policy that all pupils wear Shoreham Village School's uniform when in school or representing the school in an organised event out of school hours.  As well as being practical and smart wearing our uniform reinforces a positive learning environment, supports our ethos, instils pride and promotes a sense of community and a unified school spirit.

Summer Uniform
(beginning of summer term 5 to end of autumn term 1 inclusive)

  • yellow / white checked dress OR
  • white polo shirt
  • dark grey (not black, no embellishments) skirt/ shorts / trousers
  • green school sweater/cardigan*
  • white/ grey socks

Winter Uniform
(beginning of autumn term 2 to end of spring term 4 inclusive)

  • white polo shirt
  • dark grey (not black, no embellishments) skirt or trousers
  • green school sweater/cardigan*
  • white/ grey socks or grey tights
  • plain black coat


  • Conventional black school shoes or plain black (no coloured logos) trainers (no heeled shoes or ankle boots)
  • Wellington boots are required

PE Kit

All pupils should wear their named PE kit to school on the days they do PE.

  • school PE bag* (clearly named)
  • school green baseball cap* (all children must wear these on school trips)
  • school green t-shirt*  (Reception , Year 1 and Year 2 only)
  • school sports polo shirt* ( Years 3-6 only)
  • plain black shorts
  • school black fleece*
  • plain black jog pants
  • plain black plimsolls or trainers, white socks.

School Bag

School bag* or school rucksack*

Additional Notes: 

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named.

Please ensure that all coats have a sturdy hanging loop.

Hair must be clean, neat and tidy.  Hair longer than shoulder-length must be tied back and long fringes must be secured with a clip to keep hair off the face.  This is for health and safety reasons.  Hair ties and clips must be school colours only or black, brown or white.

Only simple stud earrings may be worn in school, and must be removed or taped prior to attending school on PE days for safety reasons. 

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewellery may not be worn unless for religious reasons - parents / carers must request permission in writing to the Head.

Make-up, including nail varnish, may not be worn. 

Headscarves / hijabs must be black, white or brown and fastened with a safety pin.

Our uniform policy adheres with the Halo Code: Halo- School (   

*All items marked with an asterisk can be ordered online at: 

 Our PTA (FOSS) run frequent 'nearly new' uniform sales; please contact the school office for further details

School Uniform Supplier