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Across the school we have developed our skills and knowledge of textiles.

In Barton Class, we learn about the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  We weave and make collages with paper, fabric and natural materials like twigs and leaves.



In Moore Class, we have studied the creation of Batik textiles in different countries and cultures, focusing on Adire fabrics from Nigeria and Batik by the Miao people of China.  We were inspired by the Chinese New Year to create batiks with dragon designs, using a resist method of flour-paste and fabric dye (we tried using natural vegetable dye made with red cabbage and red onion but the colours were very light).  We then sewed embellishments on our designs with stitching, buttons and ribbons.

In Cameron Class, we studied tie-dye textiles from Japan and Africa and artworks by Michael Phelan.  We learned about different tie-dye techniques including spiral, tiger stripe, rosette and bulls-eye, and carefully planned our chosen technique and colour choice to make a tie-dye t-shirt.  We then used sewing and embroidery techniques to add embellishments.