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Supporting Learning at Home

Top Tips for Learning the Multiplication Tables

E-Safety - Key Issues and Parental Controls

A short video on the key issues that you can discuss with your children and some top tips on how to set up parental controls on devices.


How to Support Your Child With Homework


Five Top Tips Videos to Support Learning at Home


Top Tip One - How to keep your child on track each day

Top Tip Two - How to motivate your child to complete the work 

Top Tip Three - How to stop your child from rushing their work

Top Tip Four - How to encourage your child to check their work before handing it in

Top Tip Five - Helping your child to work independently

Parent Guides to Supporting Maths at Home

The following videos demonstrate ways of developing pupils' maths skills at home.

In this 'Number Recognition' video, we ask, "How many ways can you show me 5?" This helps children to show that they understand the value of a number and to count using one-to-one correspondence (touching each item as they count it).

Number Bonds

In this 'Number Bonds' video, we demonstrate different ways of showing number bonds to 10.

Bridging Ten (Adding three numbers that equal a number greater than 10)

In this video we demonstrate the method used to add three single digit number that will equal a total greater than 10. This method uses the children's knowledge of number bonds to 10; they should choose the two numbers that make 10 and then add on the final number.

If you have concerns about your child's mental health, or want to know more

Kent Youth Health Website

Kent Test Familiarisation Booklets. These booklets can be used to familiarise your child with the style and format of the Kent Test.