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Across the school we have developed our skills and knowledge of printmaking. 

In Reception, we created rubbings of found materials with crayons and then used paint to create repeated patterns by printing with the objects.  We have learned about the artist Henri Matisse.

In Palmer Class, we used a range of objects such as sponges to make repeated patterns.  We planned and created printblocks with polystyrene and used them to make impressed prints.  We learned about the artist Yves Klein

In Moore Class, we researched different designs then planned and made printblocks from string and card to create relief prints.  We built up our knowledge of 3-colour printing.  We learned about the artist Samuel Palmer, who used to live in our village.

In Cameron Class, we learned about different printing techniques - lino printing, litho printing woodcutting and monoprinting.  We planned a layered monoprint, creating the stencils we would need for our desired effect and printed with three colours (or more). We learned about the artist Eric Bawden.