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Dear Palmer families,

We have had a great week; continuing to make our puppets, using geographical symbols on our map of the school, making music in Purple Mash and so much more!

Please could the children have a little practice singing the two songs below as they are to sing at the spring concert Friday.

In literacy, we finished reading our class book The Princess and the White Bear King. We will be looking at character descriptions. To help children think about different characters, the children can ask members of their family and friends about their favourite character from a book they are reading at the moment or one they have read in the past.  What drew them as a reader/ listener to the character. How did the author make the character have a personality. Can they give a description of the character - how did this define their personality? It might look something like this:

Book: Northern Lights

Author: Philip Pullman

Characters: Lyra and Pantalaimon

Personality: Lyra is head strong, brave and adventurous. She creeps into the cupboard and jumps out to save Lord Asreal from the poisoned wine, even though she should not be there. She goes into the crypt at Jordan Collage because it is a scary adventure. Pantalaimon turns into little fluttery things like moths and birds when they are scared or need to be quiet but usually takes the form of an ermine because they are inquisitive - like Lyra and him.

Who read the book: Ms Fancett and her children.

What drew them to the character: Pantalaimon, he behaves like the part of us that we usually keep in our head. We had lots of conversations about what daemon we might have and what this would say about us.

In maths:

Year 1 have been looking at numbers to 50. It would be great to consolidate this. If you see numbers between 20 and 50 ask how many 10's and how many 1's are in the number, if you have a pen and paper they could draw Dienes/ base 10 to represent the number, if you have cereals or small things can they physically represent the number as an array? 

Year 2 have been working on height and length. If you have measuring tapes, rulers, metre sticks etc please let your children measure and compare lengths and heights of things in and around your house. Can they order the length/ height of various things, start to estimate the size of the things? Please check they are using cm and m correctly ask if their measurements make sense if metres and centimetres are reversed.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Best wishes,

Ms Fancett