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Holiday Homework suggestions.


As promised, here are some suggestions of what you could do if you are bored and fancy a challenge in the holidays. 


All of the learning during lockdown is in each section, in a word document labelled with that weeks date on i.e.- Monday 29th June- Friday 3rd July.  This word document will then be in the section labelled 3rd July.   Please look back at any previous learning that you think you may have missed.

The Art and Music which was here is in the 6th July folder. 




  • Revisit previous sections of maths that we have covered during lockdown- are there any sheets that you haven’t completed?  Maybe you  didn’t do the extension sheet at the is the time you could do it.
  • Work through the packs that I sent in an email to your parents.
  • There are some transition packs on here that you could work through.
  • There are some SATs style questions.
  • There are some REALLY useful maths sheets in the 'More Holiday Homework' section- these will prepare you for starting back in September. 
  • What about these maths challenges-



Literacy ideas

  • Go outside- take photographs of what is around you- write about them
  • Look back at your notes on our poetry writing this term- write some different poems
  • Write a letter to someone you don’t usually write to
  • Write some diary entries
  • Write your own story
  • Make your own comic book


Watch the following book club clips- and answer the questions.

Bitesize Daily Book Club: Be Amazing! An inspiring Guide to Being Your Own Champion by Sir Chris Hoy


Bitesize Daily Book Club: The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson by Devika Jina


Bitesize Daily Book Club: Macbeth Retold by Marcia Williams




Summer Reading Challenge:


Various Subjects:


Paignton Zoo


Who were the Anglo Saxons-


I hope that you find these useful- please don't feel that you have to complete them all!


I hope you have a FANTASTIC summer break- and I look forward to seeing you in September.


Mrs Sheraton smileysmileysmiley

Look at what we have been up to...

All the learning from here is in the appropriate sections...see above for instructions.


I am leaving a few bits on here smiley


Friday  17th  July  

Good Morning Cameron Class.


You know what to do now…here are your suggestions for the day!


9.00am   -Find an old Joe Wicks work out to do- or make up your own.


9.30- 10.30am     Literacy  - Have you?

  • Written your story/ poem/ descriptive piece of the picture ‘A Dangerous Pet’?  You could have also written a persuasive piece of writing, persuading your parent to let you keep a dangerous pet!
  • Written a letter to someone in our class/school saying goodbye, if so, have you emailed it to me? Or could you write another one.
  • Did you complete your comic strip?
  • Did you compete your writing comparing the two plays that we have looked at?
  • I would then like you to write a page of a diary entry reflecting your time during lockdown.   Include comments about the work that you have competed, work that you have particularly enjoyed.  What other things you have done.  Thoughts feelings. Everything!  It can be longer than a page. 

           Just make sure that you reflect your journey over the last few months.

  • Write a goodbye letter to somebody in the class/school.  It could be to a friend or member of staff.  Remember how to set out a letter correctly.  And remember to sign your name at the end (something which we keep forgetting!! )  I would really like it if you could email it to me,  and then I can forward it onto the person.


When you have completed all of your pieces of writing:

 Proofread your writing from the week. You can use a dictionary to check the spelling of any words that you found challenging. This will also enable you to check that the meaning of the word is suitable for the sentence.



11.00am-   Tune into David Walliams-  for a daily story.


Maths    Arithmetic, Problem of the Day.  Times tables;


Main Maths:- Today is the day for completing any unfinished work this week. Take some time to reflect on your learning over the last 3 months.  What have you found good/ challenging/ easy ?  Write everything down- email me if you can please.  What do you think you need more support on?


Have a go at this live lesson:   filmed at the Etihad Campus, home of Manchester City FC.

Recapping on previous learning in real life.


Read and interpret pie charts

The mean



Reasoning about 3D shapes  Perimeter  Area

Calculating the volume of cubes and cuboids

Calculate the area of parallelograms

Calculate the area of a triangle

Perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes



12.30-1.30 pm- Lunch time     Maybe go and play in the garden/ go for a walk.


1.30pm- Reading for Pleasure- Write a short review detailing your likes and dislikes about the novel so far. Encourage yourself to justify your opinion with examples from the text.


2-3pm-  Look back at Geography/art/music what do you need to finish off?


Geography- Population

Geography- Where are all the people?-


PE-  Have you completed any sporting challenges that you were set?


Cooking: Come Dine with Me –

Could you be responsible for creating a three course meal for four family members?!  This could be same as the Masterchef challenge!?    Could you create recipes for a starter, main meal and dessert? . (Make sure that you have the ingredients first though!)

Family members may even wish to score each course!

If possible, you could research how much the ingredients will cost using a supermarket website of your choice. Where is the most cost effective place to buy the ingredients?


 Humanities: Buddhism     Who was Siddhartha Gautama?   Lesson 1


Have a great day smileysmileysmiley


Wednesday 15st July

Literacy-  Writing 

WALT: create suspense in our writing.


A Large Dangerous Pet




Question time!

Why has the King given his children a dragon?

Do you think it’s a wise decision?

What do you think the children will try and train their dragon to do?

Can you think of any strategies that the children might use to train their dragon?

Where do the children live?

Can you think of a good name for their kingdom?

Why do you think the children will need ‘all the help they can get’ when they come to rule?

Can you think of names for the children?

What is the boy feeding the dragon?

What do you think the girl is carrying?



What dangerous pet would you have???


Possible story start: 

The King had known that the gift he presented to his children on their 5th birthday was dangerous. He was prepared to take the risk of letting them own a pet dragon, however. One day, the twins would rule the kingdom together, and they would need all the help they could get. No-one could deny that a dragon was a powerful ally!

Before that day, though, the children had much work to do. They had to train their dragon!



You could use the above story starter to write a story.  You could use your own if you wanted to. 

You could invent your own dangerous pet and write a story about that.

You could write a narrative poem.


In your writing make sure that you include;

  • Plan your writing first
  • Organise and shape paragraphs effectively.
  • Include adverbials
  • Use persuasive language if applicable
  • Use the full range of ks2 punctuation, including colons, semi-colons and dashes, to mark the boundary between clauses.
  • Include similes, metaphors and personification 
  • Write and control a range of sentence structures including those which contain multiple clauses.


Shakespeare and Twelfth Night

I would then like you to write a detailed piece of writing, comparing the two Shakespeare stories that we have looked at this term. (Twelfth Night and The Tempest)


If you would like to revisit the animations for The Tempest here is the link

Here is another link:


What are the similarities/ differences?  Which do you prefer? Why?


Before you start your writing read through the following prompts and then MAP OUT YOUR IDEAS FIRST.


You could start by comparing and contrasting features, such as:

  • setting - when and where is each text set?
  • genre - is it a comedy, something else?
  • characterisation - the character’s behaviour, appearance, beliefs, experiences, dialogue
  • narrative perspective - who is telling the story?
  • language choices - the writer’s choice of words, phrases, imagery
  • narrative structure - the order of events in the text


Structuring your comparison;

It can sometimes be tricky to structure your writing when making a comparison. It’s helpful to have some sentence starters and linking words that compare:

  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Equally

There are also helpful sentence starters and linking words that contrast:

  • In comparison
  • However


Why are we doing this? Comparing texts can help to extend and deepen your understanding and analysis of texts​​​​​​​


Science Activities- Don't forget to record it in your book- and TAKE A PHOTO!

VE day celebrations and work.

More amazing work from Cameron- including growing own crops!!!

More cooking and baking, drawing and learning.

Wow- what talented children we have in Cameron!


Useful Documents


Useful Links

Residential Trip 2019

Friday Update

The children had great fun - soaking Mrs Sheraton... she was wetter than the children when they went raft building and swimming in the pond!

They all slept soundly last night ~ I think everyone was asleep by 11! This is a first for a school trip... and they all had to be woken up this morning. They are now enjoying archery and abseiling before burgers for lunch and the bus ride home!

The children have been an absolute pleasure- the best group of children I have ever taken. We have absolutely loved being their leaders and are so proud of each and everyone. Every child has had a go at everything... in or out of their comfort zone! 


Thursday Update

We had a great afternoon yesterday, with giant swing and fencing ( think we have a couple of champions amongst us!) chicken curry or meatballs, salad, bread, apple crumble, yoghurt and fruit - we all had a good feed. Evening activity was capture the flag..,, good job they had stocked up on sweets ( vegetables in bags as they call it!) to give them energy as they continued to run around for an hour and a half.. continuously!
Then bed time... more sweets... lots of chat!!

After a relatively good nights sleep, we have had breakfast of scrambled egg, baked beans, bacon, porridge, cereals, fruit we are now taking part in canoeing and Jacobs ladder.

What amazing children we have with us- to say I am proud is an understatement!

Gaveston Hall Day 3 Update

We’re coming home.... Cameron’s coming home! a couple of hours.  Everybody slept a bit better last night so the general mood is happy and excited.  This morning's activities include field zorbing and tree climbing!!! 

Gaveston Hall Day 3

Gaveston Hall Day 2 

We all had a lovely lunch of sandwiches and we have been learning how to set the table and clear up after lunch.

This morning we have been body-zorbing and karting. This afternoon we have enjopyed the delights of canoeing and buggy building - then racing our vehicles.  Great fun!

Gaveston Hall Day 2


Not a lot of sleep was had by some people (!) but the children were in good spirits this morning regardless.  They had a hearty breakfast and set off for an exciting morning of activities.


Zorbing, assault courses and problem solving challenges have been the order of the day so far....

Gaveston Hall Day 2

Gaveston Hall Day 1

if you look in the distance you can see the coach arriving... the calm before the storm!!! Everyone has had a really enjoyable afternoon; the children have all learned how to make their own beds - one more skill to add to their repertoire and no excuses at home now!  At 5.00pm they were playing on the play area before tea and evening activities! 

Gaveston Hall Residential

Buddy trip with Barton - July 2018

Welcome to our PGL Gallery and news update

Day Three

We all had a good (ish) nights sleep, and are now packing before breakfast (what a task!!) Earlier on yesterday, one of the instructors said that her group could throw some water on her as it was so hot. The children asked me if they could 'get' me too. I said (because it was hot, a little water would have been refreshing) that they could sprinkle me a little later. The afternoon was jam-packed with activities and fun and then by evening I thought they had forgotten.... oh no.... so, a promise is a promise. At 9.15pm I was expecting a little bit of water from their water bottles - how naive! (I'm still not sure where they got them from but most of the children suddenly produced 2 full bottles of water, and obviously it was both groups by then, ready and waiting!) thankfully, Ms Corlett (my saviour) said only one bottle could be deployed!  


We are now about to go off to breakfast, then it is our turn for the zip wire and aeroball! We are looking forward to seeing everyone later xx


Day Two

After a reasonably good night's sleep the children were all bright and breezy with a good game of football going on before breakfast.  Then on to the activities.....

Mrs Sheraton said, "We have all had a great morning.  We have been rafting and playing on the giant swing and are right now in the middle of abseiling and archery.  The children are being an absolute pleasure to be with.  I am very proud of their support, manners and spirit."


Quotes from the children:

Ellie, "It's been absolutely fantastic."

Amy-Louise and Amy T, "It's amazing here and the staff are really friendly."

Amy T, "This has been the best experience of my life."

All children, "It's better than Bushcraft!"  "I love the giant swing."  "The cabins were nice and clean (until the boys arrived)!"  "The food is great!"


Day one

Everyone arrived safely and it is, of course, very hot, but plenty of water has been consumed!  Here is a taste of where the children have been this afternoon....



Quotes of the day from the children...

"It's better than I thought it would be."

"Loving it."

"So proud of Amy-Louise- her target was to get half way up the pole.... and she smashed it to the top!"

"Amy, Amy, Ellie and Millie- all made it to the top with support from each other."

"Harvey exceeded his target of half way to get to the top rung, just not quite on the pole- but so, so proud of him!"

"Jonathan exceeded his target- he struggled, but he got to the very top..... he's in one of the photos!"

Mrs Sheraton has said, " I'm impressed already with the teamwork and support the children are giving each other - without any prompting. Let's hope it stays that way! They are all looking forward to finding out what's for tea!"