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Cameron Class

Our Trip to Windmill Hill

Look at our photos in the Gallery below!

Day Three

Well it's our final day and we have some very tired but happy children. We had to wake some of them up this morning!
We are about to do abseiling and aeroball. All children are giving it a go and some showing 100% perseverance- pushing themselves and setting themselves challenges. They will all come back extremely proud of themselves. Children might well be in bed by 6 tonight (and so will the teachers!

Day Two - Children's Comments

TP - it's been great so far and I can't wait for some more of it!

George - it's a great experience - I'm loving it.
Ciaran - this harness hurts! (see pic below) but it's really fun!
Mia B -  what an experience - it's fantastic.
Will - it's been a great trip so far - I loved the rafting!
Matt - it's been a really great experience and I'm loving it.
Millie - PGL is fantastic, I'm having a great time.
Keertika - I'm having a nice time.
Ellie - it's really good and I don't want to leave!
Beth - This is my best 3 days ever!!!
Ryley - This is amazing.
Mickey - It's epic! It's been so much fun. 
Jetson - It's very cool and I don't want to leave...I want to come back again!
Mia R - I wish we were staying longer - I loved the giant swing!
Tommy - It's amazing. I love it.
Merlin - It's all amazing and the zip wire was fab.
Bethy - It is great fun, tiring and enjoyable. 
India - it's amazing because you can go to extreme heights and you can see the view. 
Beau - This is so much fun - I love it.
Billy - I'm having fun, it's really grate and I loved the giant swing! 

Day Two - Update

This adventure continues.  This morning the children have been on the Tunnel Trail and the Zip Wire and this afternoon they are tackling the BMX and will be having great fun on the Giant Swing.  They are all having a really good time.

Day Two

Mrs Sheraton had an early morning knock on the door by someone asking her what the time was, so she did not need her alarm clock this morning.  Everyone slept very well and the PGL staff have commented on how good the children are.

Day One - Update

We are having a great time. The children enjoyed rafting and archery this afternoon and 'Passport to the World' tonight. They have eaten well (and had vegetables or salad too!!)
We played a bit of football too - to try and burn off some of the E numbers!
We are not sure how many bright faces we will see early in the morning and we are all hoping for a good night's sleep. 

Day One - Arrival

Cameron class have arrived safely at Windmill Hill and have spent the afternoon rafting.  Please look at the photos below.