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Good morning Barton class, we've nearly completed another week of brilliant learning - well done, I think I need to buy some more stars before I run out. You will need your take away hats on today for our number work but make sure you still have 7 items to move around. See you soon.
Hello Barton class. Did you enjoy listening to the wind yesterday? I really enjoyed you all being the teacher in our phonics zoom - well done. We have our scavenger hunt this afernoon, I wonder what we will need to find? Hopefully we can find out later.
Good morning Barton class, I'm not sure you will be able to get outside today with the rain but there are lots of activities to keep you busy today. Remember this afternoon we are going to have a 'show and tell' session. You can show a piece of work you are really proud of or something you have made, be prepared to talk about it, also try to think of some good questions to ask somebody about their work or model.

Hello Barton class, I hope you are ready for another day of fun learning especially with the Numberblocks characters? This afternoon is another story session, it's an animal story, which animal could it be? Find out later.

Good morning Barton class, I hope you had a fun weekend. I went on a very squelchy squerch walk, can you guess what I was walking through? Let me know what you think it was in our zoom lesson this morning. This week our phonics is 'ng' and we are working on number 7 so have 7 things in front of you that you can count and move around.
Good morning Barton class, another week finished, I don't know where all the time went. Well done on our scavenger hunt yesterday, you were all brilliant finding all those things very quickly. Today in our Phonics zoom we're going to play phonics bingo, you need a piece of (A4) paper with 6 squares and in each square write some sounds. Tip think carefully about the sounds we have been practising and maybe a few we have thrown away too!
Good morning Barton class, brilliant work yesterday, you were very good at finding number bonds to 6, well done. You are also remembering lots of phonics sounds. The red words are quite tricky but we just need to do them everyday to help us remember them. This afernoon we have a scavenger hunt which I'm very excited about!
Hello Barton Class, I hope you enjoyed listening to the story today, I certainly enjoyed reading it to you. This afternoon we will look at the story again and talk a bit more about the bear.
Hello Barton class, well done for all your hard work yesterday. I hope you managed to get outside and have a little run around and some fresh air. I'm really looking forward to our story this afternoon!

Good morning Barton class, Happy birthday to Henry 5 today!

I hope you had a fun weekend everyone. I did a lot of walking in lots of mud and it was quite cold as well! Are you looking forward to lot of learning today, I hope so? See you in our zoom lessons.

Hello Barton class, I hope you all enjoyed getting some fresh air and exercise yesterday afternoon. I was very impressed with your New Years resolutions and I hope you succeed, I've only completed part of mine today so far but I am hoping to get my 5 pages of reading in later. Well done for yesterday, you are all working very hard and I will see you later.
Good morning Barton class, did you have a surprise yesterday morning? I know some of you didn't have any snow but maybe next time. Well done for keeping up with all your learning so far you are doing brilliantly. I really enjoyed seeing your special gifts  and hearing all about them. I hope you're looking forward to more estimating today!

Good morning Barton class and Happy New Year.

I hope Father Christmas left you some wonderful presents and thank you for all my lovely gifts and cards. I have posted a timetable of activities for you to follow today, remember to try your best. 

What a busy week for Niamh!

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