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District Sports Challenge Week 4

District Sports Challenge - remember to send in your scores!

Below is the second District sports challenge - why not give it a try and remember you can send me your scores!

District Sports Lockdown Challenge 2


What a busy week for Niamh!

My labelling activity
We all love clever fingers activities
Being creative
Using finger control
Time for a rest in my beautiful den
and time for a treat!

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Home Learning 19.05

Home Learning 18.05

Home Learning 15.05

Very creative!

What a brilliant Triceratops Albie has made
and a stick man!

Home Learning 14.05

Home Learning 13.05

Busy weekend for Barton class!

Home Learning 12.05

Home Learning 11.05

More Barton adventures!

Niamh's been very busy!

Imogen's fun activities

Ice eggs with real flowers
Printing with leaves
Out for a walk in the Bluebells

Home Learning 27.04

Archie has been fishing today!

Coco's adventures!

What we've been up to!

Albie has been busy creating a marble run
and collecting flowers
he's also built a robot!
Archie has been busy writing
about playing ball.

Home learning activities

Albie has been busy looking after 12 chicks!
Imogen made a rainbow
This is Imogen's treasure map
Imogen's robot  - very inventive!