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A warm welcome to all our new Barton class pupils.

We are very excited to start your learning journey with us at Shoreham Village School. Our topic for this half term will be 'All about me'. We will be finding out about our houses and which materials are used. We will also be finding out about our bodies and especially our skeletons and naming body parts, plus lots of art and music activites and not to mention our PE sessions. It's going to be a very busy term!


Good morning Barton class, a huge well done for all you home learing since December. I am really proud of the way you have met all the challenges and kept going every day. A big pat on the back Barton class. 

Today we are drawing a picture together so you will need a piece of paper and a pen for our first zoon and in our second it will be show tell, an opportunity for you to show how creative you have been.

Hello Barton class, well done for all your 'ar' words and prepositions work yesterday - good work. Today we will be blending sounds to make 'ar' words and prepositions bingo and then this afternoon to celebrate World book day I will be reading a story, remember you can dress up if you wish.
Good morning Barton class, I hope you had a lovely afternoon yesterday. Today we will be challenging ourselves to find 10 'ar' words and you will need to bring a small toy or object plus a box or container to help with our prepositions work. This afternoon will be our last zoom scavenger hunt!
Good morning everyone, well done on prepositions of place yesterday. This morning we will be learning the next digraph and this afternoon we will be playing 'What's in the box?' instead of our usual story time.
Good morning Barton class I hope you had a fun weekend in the sunshine. Hopefully this will be our last week of lockdown learning at home and we have a new digraph to learn plus some special words to describe where something is called prepositions.
Good morning Barton, good work on the sentences yesterday and remember to keep comparing lengths using 'longer than' or 'shorter than'. Are you ready for our drawing and show and tell zoom todays? Don't forget you will need some paper and a pen plus something you have created.
Good morning Barton class, you were all brilliant at playing 'What's in the box?' yesterday. I will definitely have to find more tricky items for next time. Today we are working on sentences and some more measuring, then this afternoon a scavenger hunt.
Hello Barton class, I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. Today we will be finding more 'ow' words as well as measuring. This afternoon we are going to play 'What's in the box?' You will need to work what is hiding in the box from the clues.
Good morning everone. I hope you all had a lovely afternoon yesterday and well done with all those tricky red words. We will be looking at measuring and some 'ow' words today.
Good morning Barton class, welcome back. I am really looking forward to seeing you all and hearing about your half term adventures. This week we are learning a new digraph and starting out maths topic on measuring.
Good morning Barton, a big well done because you have just completed a whole half term of lockdown learning! You have been brilliant so today is a bit of a fun day starting with show and tell and then songs and games.
Hello Barton class, well done to those of you who joined in with the cake making yesterday. It looked like you had a fun time and I hope the cakes were yummy too. Today we have a shape quiz and this afternoon it's our scavenger hunt!
Good morning Barton class, another snowy day at home for everyone again today. Don't forget to draw those shapes in the snow, perhaps you could make a picture by joining the shapes together and send me a photo. It's also Mrs Lovatt-Young's big cake making zoom today, I hope you have your ingredients ready!
Good morning Barton class, another snowy day for everyone to enjoy. We will be sounding out the 'igh' trigraph and finding out if there are any rhyming words as well as exploring shapes. It will also be story time this afternoon, I wonder if there will be any snow in the story ...
Good morning Barton class, I hope you had fun in the snow yesterday. This week we are going to be learning about shapes as well as a new phonics trigraph and some more tricky red words. I am looking forward to hearing all about your snowy adventures.
Good morning Barton class, great work yesterday on 'ee' words and taking away from 9 plus brilliant scavenger hunting skills - well done. Today is ? Can you find out ready for our first zoom lesson?
Good morning Barton class, well done for remembering the tricky red words this morning and great work on the ee digraph. I hope you enjoyed our first drawing session. This afernoon it's our scavenage hunt zoom so make your sure you have your finding skills ready!
Good morning Barton class, well done for answering all the questions about our story yesterday. This morning it will be 'ee' words and more number 9 activities but I am really excited about our first draw together zoom this afternoon, remember to bring a piece of paper and a pencil to draw with.
Good morning Barton class, good work on the tricky red words yesterday we can practise a few more today. It's story time this afternoon, hmm - will it be another story about a bear or a different animal, I wonder ...
Good morning Barton class, I hope you enjoyed the weekend, it was a bit soggy wasn't it? I hope you're ready for another day of learning and don't forget to think about the days of the week ready for our first zoom lesson.

What a busy week for Niamh!

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