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Moore Class arrived at school today to discover a skeleton wearing Miss Fitch's glasses and sitting at her desk.  What was happening?  They then had to embark upon a morning of Potion Making under the guidance and direction of Professor TOO and Professor Fan.  Moore Class successfully all achieved their Level 1 Potion Making Certificate through making the following potions: Exploding Elixir, Dancing Unicorn milk, Fleeing Spiders and Mandrake's Restorative Draught.  They also observed the making of Liquid Elements and Magic Mud.  There was fizzing, bubbling, changing of colours and retreating liquids.  Moore Class observed carefully and learnt a lot about the art of potion making. 


Mr Little's Film and  Sound Presentation

Wednesday 31st October

Moore class had an amazing treat today when Mr Little came in to speak to us about 'Sound and Film editing.'  Everyone was fascinated by how the sound is added onto a film and how long it takes to put together one film.  Moore class were able to ask some excellent questions, such as: If you have bigger ears can you hear better?  How do you become a sound engineer?  How do they make the music sound scary in a film?  

Mr Little's Film and Sound Presentation

What happened to our teacher's voice?

Still image for this video



Moore Class have spent their last day of the first term consolidating all their knowledge and learning about the Ancient Greeks as well as learning a few new facts.  We found out more about: Gods and Heros, Arachne's Web (and made our own webs), Children's Games in Ancient Greece (We can now play these on the playground at school and make use of all the conkers that are around), Home Life, Greek Warriors, The Theatre with Aristophanes and finally Magic to Medicine (You don't want to know some of the ways the Ancient Greek doctors checked to see what was wrong with you!).

Ancient Greek Temples

We spent an afternoon researching and investigating Ancient Greek temples.  We learnt there are 3 different types of column - Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.  We also learnt how big they were and that friezes were often sculpted around the top.

We then took part in 4 activities: building an Ancient Greek temple with multilink and books; researching as many facts about temples as we could using books; investigating temples through the British Museum website and creating our own temples using art straws and black paper.

Have a look at some of our work.

Greek Temples

Ancient Greek Temples

Ancient Greek Temples 1
Ancient Greek Temples 2
Ancient Greek Temples 3
Ancient Greek Temples 4
Ancient Greek Temples 5
Ancient Greek Temples 6
Ancient Greek Temples 7
Ancient Greek Temples 8
Ancient Greek Temples 9
Ancient Greek Temples 10

Soap Sculptures

We thought about the importance of sculptures in Ancient Greece, then had a go at making our own.  Even with soap it was hard work and took a long time to do.  We are getting there but we haven't finished yet!

Soap Sculptures


Working in groups we made 3D images of some of the Greek Gods.  Can you guess who any of our Gods are?

Greek Gods

Greek Gods 1
Greek Gods 2
Greek Gods 3
Greek Gods 4


Welcome back to school and we hope you are looking forward to a great year in Moore Class. We have lots of exciting new topics to learn about.

Keep checking our class page to see what we are doing.

Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk

Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk 1
Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk 2
Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk 3
Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk 4
Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk 5
Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk 6
Waving to Lizzy yarnold and Our 5Km sponsored Walk 7

1066 - The Battle of Hastings

Mr Reid's talk about anaesthic and the digestive system

The Natural History Museum

A trip into some of the world's most dangerous volcanoes! (By Virtual Reality)

Rock Types and Chewitts!


Useful Documents


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What Makes Ten? Number Bonds

Practice your facts to ten with this song, featuring music by Fatboy Slim and emceeing by mistergreene.