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Dear Cameron Class,


I hope that you are keeping warm, staying safe and having fun in the snow! This is what I was talking about when we discussed Frozen Kingdom and I said that 'about 7 years ago we had a lot of snow which resulted in a lot of chaos!'


By now I know that you will be looking forward to the tasks that I have planned.


As always- there is Mathletics and Abacus Maths. I will set some more challenges for those who have completed them ( they won't be linked to what we have been doing in class, but will be what we have covered this year.)


There is also BBC Bitesize:



1) Write a snow poem/ winter poem, using all of the senses.

2) Take photographs to tell a snow story.

3) Write a story - on any topic of your choice ( making sure that you include paragraphs, punctuation, vocabulary etc!)

4) Write a News report of the weather conditions around the country.



1) Find out different temperatures in different areas/ counties around the country and compare them.

2) Measure the depth of the snow if different paces around your garden/ surroundings.

3) Write maths problems/ sums for someone to answer in the snow.

4) Abacus/ mathletics



1) Produce a mini presentation about Henry VIII or one of his wives.

(check you have covered the key facts. Consider whether the information you present would interest the reader and experiment with sentence structures to decide which reads best. Keep verb tense consistent throughout.)

2) Compare maps from both Tudor and modern day London and discover where most Tudor people settled. Find out whether any features from Tudor London still remain today.

Use the web and other historical sources to find out where Henry VIII lived during his lifetime and locate these places on a UK map. Look in detail at one of these homes, making a map and a plan for it and sketching detailed illustrations of the palace or house. Research the rooms and décor of each one and decide which of Henry’s homes was the grandest. Research which of his homes had the largest banqueting hall.


Year 6’s please keep working away at the SATs questions that you have. Even if you have completed them, revisit them.


Have a good day- stay safe and have fun- and take lots of pictures!!!


Mrs Sheraton


Our class blogs on this term's work

Wednesday 27th September


Our Robot Arts Blog


In art, first we sketched out our picture of robots doing human things, in the style of Eric Joyner, he is an artist that loves donuts and old, Japanese robots! Then the next week we did the actual piece using chalk pastels and oil pastels, and then discovered that it is easier to use parchment paper, instead of normal paper, because the chalk stays on better, but we didn’t realise till the end though! Then the next week we started making robotic arms that have strings that go through straws so that the robotic arm has joints! You put your fingers through the straws and the fingers move!!! I really enjoy art and had fun doing all these different arts to do with robots!!!!!!

If anyone wanted to try doing any of the arts that we did, for the Eric Joyner artworks, all you need is a piece to copy from, so you get the idea of his works, but you don’t have to just copy from his pieces, because we made our own just in his style, and what you also need is your choice of colouring method, that’s if you WANT to colour it in!!

What you need for the robotic arm is some kind of card, paper, that sort of thing! You need glue, straws, string, a ruler, scissors and some cardboard! First you cut out a hand or the shape of your hand, then, you fold the hand with the ruler to have 3 joints on most fingers, but 2 joints on the thumb. Then, cut 20 small pieces of straws about 2 cm, and 1 big straw piece about 8cm. Then, glue the small straws onto each joint. Next, cut pieces of string as long as the end of your fingers to just past the end of your fingers so that it can fold over, then glue it to the bottom of the hand, and knot the ends of the string into a loop, so you can fit your fingers through. Then thread the strings through the 8 cm straw and knot all the strings together. Then glue the 8 cm straw to the end of the arm. Them, cut a straight bridge shape, and make sure it is strong, because that will be above your hand. Then, you can decorate it!!!


Our VR headset experience

Wednesday 27th September 2017

In the first week of term, Cameron Class went out for a run on the playground and we came back into the classroom and in each place there was a virtual reality head set . At first some people didn’t know what they were and were making random guesses about what they were. Some people thought they were phones or weird I-pads but Ms Norris told us what they were. We were ecstatic. The first place we went was the Caribbean coral reef. It was so colourful! I loved it! The next Coral reef wasn’t so colourful. Then a weird arrow started to point at some coral. It was really nice! In the next coral reef there were turtles and fish. I especially loved that! Then we went to look at lungs . It was really cool. Then we saw the inside of the lungs! We moved to the full vein and blood vessel body . That was my favourite part! I loved our first VR head set experience!


My blog about


Wednesday 27th September 2017


I would straight away rate this book five stars because it is one of the most gripping stories that I have ever read. The vocabulary is so interesting that I made sure I read every last word, of course this is all my opinion.


This book is about a fearless boy who is willing to put his life forward for adventure, his name is Alex Rider . His uncle was mysteriously killed so he was left in the care of MI6. He becomes a spy for them. His mission is to finish what his uncle started, he has to tell the MI6 about this suspicious multi millionaire .

By I.


Wednesday 27th September

VR Experience Blog


The VR virtual reality headsets are amazing! When we were using them we went to the Caribbean sea to look at the fantastic coral reef, it was a wonderful view. I looked down to my legs but they weren’t there. After about 15-20 minutes you start to get a bit of a headache, well I did. The second time we used them we went to the international space station and everything has to be tied down even when they are eating!!

I enjoyed my virtual reality travels.

By D.


Wednesday 27th September 2017


Robot art in Cameron Class Blog!


A man called Eric Joyner

inspired us because of

his beautiful robot and

doughnut art work.




Cameron made some lovely art work inspired by

Eric Joyner , like Grace’s art work a robot doing horse riding and Elise’s art work a robot on a doughnut swing.



Yes Cameron are proud of their art work they love it

And Miss Norris is very proud of them too.

By E

Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Stormbreaker book review blog


We have been reading a book called Stormbreaker. In my opinion Stormbreaker is AMAZING. It makes you want to read more and more. It gives me excitement and I don’t want to stop reading. Lots of people in Cameron Class are enjoying it and the best part is, it is a series!!!


My favourite part of the book is when Alex, the main character, finds out his uncle is a spy but there are loads of good parts.


By M.

Wednesday 27TH September 2017


VR Experience Blog


My Review of Virtual Reality


It was good but not too great because after 10 minutes it gave me a headache or made me feel sick. Once you forgot about that, it is great and awesome. Also we went to the Caribbean sea .We are one of the first schools in the country to try out a whole class set of VR headsets. It happened on 5TH September 2017.

By O

Welcome to our PGL Gallery and news update

Day Three

We all had a good (ish) nights sleep, and are now packing before breakfast (what a task!!) Earlier on yesterday, one of the instructors said that her group could throw some water on her as it was so hot. The children asked me if they could 'get' me too. I said (because it was hot, a little water would have been refreshing) that they could sprinkle me a little later. The afternoon was jam-packed with activities and fun and then by evening I thought they had forgotten.... oh no.... so, a promise is a promise. At 9.15pm I was expecting a little bit of water from their water bottles - how naive! (I'm still not sure where they got them from but most of the children suddenly produced 2 full bottles of water, and obviously it was both groups by then, ready and waiting!) thankfully, Ms Corlett (my saviour) said only one bottle could be deployed!  


We are now about to go off to breakfast, then it is our turn for the zip wire and aeroball! We are looking forward to seeing everyone later xx




Day Two

After a reasonably good night's sleep the children were all bright and breezy with a good game of football going on before breakfast.  Then on to the activities.....

Mrs Sheraton said, "We have all had a great morning.  We have been rafting and playing on the giant swing and are right now in the middle of abseiling and archery.  The children are being an absolute pleasure to be with.  I am very proud of their support, manners and spirit."


Quotes from the children:

Ellie, "It's been absolutely fantastic."

Amy-Louise and Amy T, "It's amazing here and the staff are really friendly."

Amy T, "This has been the best experience of my life."

All children, "It's better than Bushcraft!"  "I love the giant swing."  "The cabins were nice and clean (until the boys arrived)!"  "The food is great!"





















Day One

Everyone arrived safely and it is, of course, very hot, but plenty of water has been consumed!  Here is a taste of where the children have been this afternoon....








Quotes of the day from the children...

"It's better than I thought it would be."

"Loving it."

"So proud of Amy-Louise- her target was to get half way up the pole.... and she smashed it to the top!"

"Amy, Amy, Ellie and Millie- all made it to the top with support from each other."

"Harvey exceeded his target of half way to get to the top rung, just not quite on the pole- but so, so proud of him!"

"Jonathan exceeded his target- he struggled, but he got to the very top..... he's in one of the photos!"

Mrs Sheraton has said, " I'm impressed already with the teamwork and support the children are giving each other - without any prompting. Let's hope it stays that way! They are all looking forward to finding out what's for tea!"

Welcome to Cameron Class Page



This term we are continuing to study World War II and the effect that it had on Britain. In particular we will learn about how the war started, how Britain changed and key moments in the war including evacuation.


We will be linking topic and literacy together and writing diary extracts of a child of that time, while reading our class book.


Over the term we will make identity badges, gas masks, propaganda posters


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